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Web Design and Programming

Why Us? Why should you choose Anomaly Studios for your web needs?

It is a widely known fact that there are several hundred, if not thousands of web site design firms you could choose from. The big question is, "what makes us different?" We're glad you asked!

The best kept secret of highly successful companies is their process. Most keep their processes under lock and key... Let us tell you our secret. We feel it will help you see why other large corporations and small business owners chose us, and were glad they did. We like to think we have a successful product history because of one key ingredient. We listen.

The first step in our process for any web design is for us to listen to your needs.  Every technical and artistic decision regarding your project stems form our initial conversations.

We are also on the "bleeding" (leading) edge of technology.  In addition to professional projects, our team members are also leaders in higher education, industry conference attendees and enthusiast about the kind of work we do. This means that unlike some web designers that just press buttons, we are entrenched daily with design trends, technical tools, and ideas to help you have a killer website.

Ease of Use

A big selling point with our websites is that you have powerful and easy to use content management features at your fingertips. Content management-based websites are sites that you DO NOT need to know any programming or HTML to perform updates. Our content management systems are point and click and easy to use. They take what normally is very hard and allows a single person or a team of people to manage any size of web site needs. Our web sites are scalable from one to any number of pages. Some of our clients have nearly 4,000 pages active and running at any given time.

We can do things that many others can only dream up. Our team has many years experience in crafting engaging new media content.  We have worked on projects in the areas of streaming Internet television, and entire interactive encyclopedia productions capable of warehousing hundreds of thousands of historical artifacts.

We are capable of creating robust PHP, mySQL, and ActionScript applications which are scalable and accessible amongst multiple platforms. The bottom line: We are capable of any project, any size. Our approach, as our clients will attest to, (see testimonials) is user-centric. This means your project is designed with your specific end-user in mind.

One Spot

Many firms today handle only design or only programming. We do both. This gives you, our client, one place to go and one point of contact to handle the visual design and programming tasks for your website. Project management can easily be facilitated through a single point of contact instead of your requests trickling through several outsourced firms, (sometimes spanning multiple continents).

Contact us today to figure out how our skills can complete your customized web site and programming needs.


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Graphic Design

As much as we love code, digitally lit screens, and mice, we like paper too. Graphic design encompasses the world of visual communications and covers a wide spectrum of projects.

Graphic Design
Whether postcards, advertising campaigns, posters, business cards, logos, or newsletters, our team can create attractive print materials to promote and enhance your company. We continually remain up to date with design theory and industry leading tools and design trends. Our designers not only have industry experience, but have undergraduate and graduate degrees in Communication, Art Technology and Interactive Design.  What that means for you, the end client, is that we know our stuff!

We have created visual solutions for book design, CD design, animated films, and training materials. Our diverse background keeps us open to new ideas in the rapidly changing visual culture that we live in today.

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3-D Modeling

As a relational service to animation, our team can create custom 3D models for print, the web, or real-time 3D game engines. The applications of 3D modeling are wide and varied.  Our clients have been able to utilize 3D modeling for special effects, interactive campus tours, book cover illustrations, and architectural rendering.  Capitalize on this emerging field to gain the competitive edge in the communication of your vision for Internet, print, film, and games.

Our Work

Anomaly Studios has created 3-D Modeling for many industries. We have done work for  financial industry (BB&T bank), for educational institutions (Trevecca Nazarene University) and film (Lifeway, Red Giant Entertainment, 7th Story Productions, and Quixotic Merging Media). Our approach is to help clients through the entire creative process from concept through to completion.

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Anomaly Studios has worked on everything from short films to feature films. We take great pride in this highly specialized skill set.  Why?  Because we love this art form! Animation has become a standard of entertainment in today's culture in advertising and marketing.

Our Work
Be it for marketing, for pure entertainment, our team can help you attain your animated vision.  From 1999 to 2000 we were involved in creating over 54,000 frames of animation for the original production, "In the Beginning There Were Dinosaurs."  Many viewers have attested its similar look to Shrek. However, they did not realize our film was completed several years before Shrek! Recently our work in animation has been with challenging special effects shots involving the combination of live action and animation.

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